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Brooke Tomblin Music LLC Policy 2023-2024



An initial non-refundable registration fee of $75 per student will be attached to the first invoice after the consultation. An annual recital fee of $50 will be added automatically to the February invoice and covers the cost of participating in our annual end-of-year recital, held in May.



The first consultation is $25, and is used to ensure a correct match of teacher, student and studio. If the student signs up for classes under that teacher, then the $25 fee is credited to the student’s account.

30 minutes lessons begin at $55,

45 minute lessons at $75

60 minutes lessons start at $90.


There is an additional $25 harp rental/transportation fee per lesson for harp lessons in the event the student doesn’t currently own a harp or would prefer not to transport the instrument to and from class.


The student/parent will be responsible for purchasing lesson books, sheet music and other instrument-specific material required at the teacher’s discretion. 


Payment is due by the first lesson of the month for that month of lessons.

Automatic invoices will be processed on the 1st of every month for that month.

Cash and check are accepted as well as credit card through the student portal, Venmo & Zelle. Details are found in the specific invoice email.



Our annual End of Year recital is held in late May to celebrate the growth and progress of all of our students! There is a $50 recital fee per student, charged in February to all students who wish to participate.  

While the recital is optional, we encourage every student to participate, no matter how nervous or hesitant. We gather to support and encourage every student and always have a lovely time! Details of recitals are sent out a couple months in advance. 
There is also a Winter recital to celebrate the holiday season in December befor
e the school break. There is no fee for this recital and all students are encouraged to participate! 


We’re excited to be offering elective performance opportunities, such as group projects and live performances outside of our regularly scheduled recitals. If your student is interested in being selected to participate, they must be available for at least 75% of rehearsals/practice dates as well as show consistent at-home practice and focus in their individual classes. Fees to participate in certain events may apply and will be disclosed in the sign up email for the individual event.



We follow the Orange County School schedule for Spring break, Thanksgiving break and Winter break.


We also have a separate schedule for the summer season. A form will be sent out over Spring break to schedule summer lessons.


If your student is regularly scheduled on Mondays, please be aware: We do not take Monday holidays. If you have any questions or if you will be absent for a Monday holiday, please contact your teacher at least 24 hours before your lesson to avoid being charged the regular lesson fee.


For 2023-2024, the break dates are as follows (subject to change):

Summer Schedule: June 5th- July28th


Thanksgiving Break: November 20th- 24th


Winter Break: December 25th- January 5th


Spring Break: March 18th -22nd



At Brooke Tomblin Music LLC, we believe that your time is an invaluable asset and are honored that you’ve chosen to spend some of it with us. As professionals, we also understand that life happens and emergencies can come at the least expected or convenient times. Please always communicate any cancellations with your teacher or studio admin as soon as possible, and they will do the same, either through the studio admin or personally. 


Student/Parent Cancellations: 

If the student/parent communicates the cancellation with the teacher or the Studio Admin at least 24 hours before their lesson, then a makeup lesson, or a double lesson (the cancelled lesson time plus the normal lesson) on a later date in the same month will be scheduled, or the student/parent can choose to credit the lesson to the next month’s invoice.



If the student/parent cancels within 24 hours of the lesson, or is a no-show, the lesson fee will be charged and there is no credit or makeup lesson option.




Class Cancellations:

In order to cancel a class, we require notification in written form (email or text to teacher or admin is acceptable) as well as a 2 week period between written notification and lesson/billing end.



We are committed to making the most of every student’s time. The scheduled time for the student is exclusively for that student, and there won’t be an option to extend or reimburse that time in the event that the student is late. 



COVID-19/Contagious Illnesses

Our students’ health is our number one priority. One of the updates we’ve implemented since 2020 include cleaning the instruments your student comes in contact with immediately before their lesson, as well as continuing to have hand sanitizer readily available.

We encourage our families and teachers to stay home if they feel ill. COVID-19 is a serious illness and by attending in-home or studio lessons, you and your student are acknowledging the risks involved and waive any liability on behalf of the studio for contraction or spread of this or any other illness.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out! 


By signing this document, you are confirming that you have read and understand the policies and will abide by them to the best of your ability.


_____________________________________________________    date: ___________

Student (if 18 or older)


_____________________________________________________   date: ___________

Parent (if student is under 18)

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